No More Dryer Sheets for Me

For the last few weeks I have been using Woolzies dryer balls instead of dryer sheets and love them! They are a little larger than tennis balls and made from New Zealand wool and naturally soften clothes.

Regular dryer sheets or fabric softeners can contain harsh chemicals than cause allergic reactions. We all have sensitive skin in our family, so if there’s an easy way to reduce the chemicals in our laundry, I’m all for it! Besides being chemical free, they also soften clothes, reduce static, and reduce drying time by about 25%. It’s great that you can use less energy drying your clothes but the even bigger perk is getting all the laundry done faster. Maybe I can even get it done, folded and put away before there’s another dirty load! :) Basically you just put these wool balls into the dryer with your clothes and that’s it! They last for about 1000 loads- we do quite a bit of laundry but even so I figure these will last us a couple of years. Obviously they cost a little more on the front end than a box of dryer sheets but over time will actually save money. And as an added bonus, they are soft so if your kids throw them at each other (I’m sure your children would never do such a thing) it doesn’t even hurt!

A few more things on Woolzies:
– If you miss the scent from dryer sheets you can add a few drops of essential oil (grapefruit is awesome) to two of the balls and run the dryer on fluff for a few minutes.

– Unlike many dryer sheets, these will not destroy fire retardant qualities in pajamas and blankets or reduce absorbency of towels.

– In the winter, to help with static cling, wad up aluminum foil into the size of one of the balls and add it to the dryer along with the balls.

All of that information and more is included in the box with the Woolzies.

What, isn’t everyone’s laundry room filled with wool balls, essential oils, and soap nuts?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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